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  1. Tom kubik
    Tom kubik Learn This, and You Will Never Be The Same!!! - YouAreCreators
    So True Your thoughts Create your life!!! You become What you think about.. Focus on what you want not what your dont want.
    Right it down on goal list and look at ever day and it will show up in your reality soon time6- 12 months... in 1967 Earl Nightngale had best selling lp record called the Strangest Secret It talk about this . iI a classic thats been around for years that most people Dont have a clue about..... GREAT INFORMATION
    Feb 7, 2017
  2. Hitesh kumar
    Feb 6, 2017
  3. Paul Higgins
    Paul Higgins Influencer Marketing - One Of The Hottest New Trends In Marketing
    You definately have my attention with Influencer Marketing Jamison.....really looking forward to the training....thanks for putting Insider life together for us...
    Feb 3, 2017
  4. Tom kubik
    Tom kubik Influencer Marketing - One Of The Hottest New Trends In Marketing
    Wow neat o! !influencer marketing... What a very clever way how to piggy back off people that have built up there followers ... Get your message like divvee social out to there list and sky's the limit..
    Feb 2, 2017
  5. Jamison
    Jamison Make Sure Your Emails Get Read Every Time
    This is a slick little tool that ensures your emails get read. When you send an email... it keeps sending followups until your email is opened and replied to.

    So many uses for a tool like this...
    Jan 31, 2017
  6. Max
    Max Morning Rituals of Tony Robbins, Oprah, Steve Jobs,and Other Successful People - ProjectLifeMastery
    I have heard it said that whatever thoughts we have for the first 15 minutes upon waking up, can and will be the catalyst that guides our day. Having a morning ritual can help you prepare for the obstacles and challenges we have throughout our day. I know from firsthand experience in my life that morning rituals can be a powerful tool in becoming the person you would like to be...
    Jan 27, 2017
  7. Dennis Wellington
  8. Max
    Max Learn This, and You Will Never Be The Same!!! - YouAreCreators
    The Law Of Reaping and Sowing is manifesting constantly whether we want it to or not. Our minds are gardens, and whatever we plant in our garden will grow. This is so simple, yet so easy to take for granted as just another self-help theory. But this Law is no theory. This Law is the reason why we are, where we are, in life. If we plant Love, Service and Joy. We receive Love, Service and Joy....5 Stars
    Jan 27, 2017
  9. Gergely Golya
    Gergely Golya 5 Reasons to Bank Offshore
    Nice read. Appreciate it. Regards, Gary
    Jan 26, 2017
  10. George Hawkes
    George Hawkes 5 Reasons to Bank Offshore
    A nice quick review of the benefits of offshore banking. It makes me want to go deeper into this subject.
    Jan 25, 2017
  11. Jon Heider
    Jon Heider Learn About Bitcoin - Beginners Webinar
    lots of good info here, thank you
    Jan 25, 2017
  12. Max
    Max "The Phase" or Lucid Dreaming
    I am giving this 5 stars on behalf of the information provided. I have not been able to experience this first hand... yet...But I strongly believe that there are some truths to this study and could be enlightening to many.
    Jan 16, 2017
  13. Max
    Max Norman Doidge - Neuroplasticity - Inside Quest - Tom Bilyeu
    Great introductory video to Norman Doidge and Neuroplasticity. Absolutely love the way Tom Bilyeu connects with his guests by getting personal and being informal... A must watch for anyone who has sought out the mysteries of the brain and how we can transform our lives with our thoughts...Definitely 5 stars
    Jan 16, 2017
  14. Jamison
    Jamison How To Meditate In About 20 Minutes - Infinite Waters - Video
    I really like this video by Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters on meditation. This video does a great job of helping people who are just getting started.

    I like how he talks about meditation not just being about clearing the mind and getting quiet. It is really about getting fully present into the moment. It made me think about how even eating your food can be meditation if you really allow yourself to EXPERIENCE your food. Great stuff!
    Jan 3, 2017
  15. Jamison
    Jamison How To Make 2017 A Better Year - Infinite Waters - Video
    Had to share this video by Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters. This is such a good video and says so many things I agree with. Great stuff!
    Jan 3, 2017
  16. Max
    Max Song Discovered That Reduces Anxiety by 65 Percent - Marconi Union - Video
    As I listen to this song I can actually feel myself relaxing and kinda sinking into the mesmerizing tone... Very clean sound. Also there is an amazing playlist that is available in the info section on the You Tube channel. Thanks Jamison!!
    Dec 29, 2016
  17. Max
    Max Most Viewed Video On You Tube - The Viral Hunter
    I love videos like these because there are times when I need to escape from the ordinary aspects of life and be reminded that there are phenomenal things happening all around me, all the time. And No, its not the most viewed video on You Tube lol. 5 stars...
    Dec 28, 2016
  18. Max
    Max 200 Amazing things in just 10 minutes (#1) - Facts County
    Whenever you think life is dull just watch videos like this. Pretty amazing things in this video. Definitely will hold your interest.
    Dec 28, 2016
  19. Jamison
    Jamison Facebook Pushing GMOs by Labeling Anti-GMO Stories ‘Fake’ News
    More on the "fake news" agenda currently underway online. I am rating this 5 stars because I think this is something that everyone should be paying attention to. This goes to show how this attack can begin to effect all areas of our lives including our health.
    Dec 26, 2016
  20. Jamison
    Jamison Song Discovered That Reduces Anxiety by 65 Percent - Marconi Union - Video
    I have been studying how sound effects brainwaves for many years. I have experimented with a wide range of sound technologies including: hemisync, holosync, binaural beats, monaural beats, and much more. This stuff can be very effective at inducing various brainwave states.

    This is a very interesting song. Here is the description I found while researching online:

    "Researchers at Mindlab International in the U.K. wanted to know what kind of music induces the greatest state of relaxation. The study involved having participants try to solve difficult puzzles — which inherently triggered a certain degree of stress — while connected to sensors. At the same time, participants listened to a range of songs as researchers measured their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure and rate of breathing.

    What they found is that one song — “Weightless” — resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in participants’ overall anxiety, and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates.

    Interestingly, the song was specifically designed to induce this highly relaxed state. Created by Marconi Union, the musicians teamed up with sound therapists to carefully arrange harmonies, rhythms and bass lines, which in turn slow a listener’s heart rate and blood pressure, while also lowering stress hormones like cortisol.

    In fact, the music is so effective, that many of the female participants became drowsy — to the point where lead researcher Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson advises against listening to it while driving."

    Anything that reduces stress is good. I have seen many studies about the link between stress and aging. In my opinion, it is a good idea to experiment with technologies that can make us feel more relaxed and reduce our stress levels.

    Try listening to this one and let us know what you think by leaving a review and any comments.
    Dec 26, 2016